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The Perry Initiative

October 5, 2013
8:30am - 3:30pm
UT Southwestern Medical Center

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At The Perry Initiative, we are committed to inspiring young women to be leaders in the exciting fields of Orthopaedic Surgery and Engineering. We advance our mission principally by running hands-on outreach programs across the country for women students in high school, college, and medical school.

Participants perform mock orthopaedic surgeries and conduct biomechanical engineering experiments, while also hearing from prominent women engineers and surgeons in the field.

Using real tools and bone models, girls participate in creative problem-solving and learn the orthopaedic implant design process.  Participants will rotate through six mock surgical scenarios and attend three lectures on career decisions given by local women orthopaedic surgeons and engineers.  Local medical and engineering students act as hands-on activity instructors.  For more specific information on our curriculum visit our Curriculum page.

Apply to participate in the day-long programs at UT Southwestern Medical Center on October 5, 2013 from 8:30 - 3:30pm.

Apply by September 13, 2013 online here:


  • Program is given free of charge
  • Please check your schedule BEFORE you apply so as not to take a spot you can't ful-fill.

Application Process:

How do I sign up?

The Perry Outreach Program is an admission-based program.  This means all of our participants must complete an application.  Applications are reviewed after the application deadline and the applicants who best meet our admissions criteria are invited to attend the program.

What are your admissions criteria?

We seek high school girls in grades 10 and up with an expressed interest in engineering, orthopaedic surgery and/or medicine.  Admissions will be based on the quality of the application essays and student career interests.  Previous applicants and older students (who will have fewer chances to reapply) will receive preference.

What are the essay questions?

There are two essay questions that must be completed as a part of the Perry Initiative Outreach Program application.

Question 1:  Why are you interested in participating in the Perry Outreach Program?

Question 2: What are your short term and long term educational goals?

Details on expectations surrounding the essays may be found here.

Why do I need to answer essay questions?

The essay questions are the only place on the application where you get the opportunity to tell us about yourself!  It is best to view these essays as a chance to tell the admissions staff all about what a lovely, driven, passionate, smart, and interesting person you are.  This is the place on the application to let us know that you are more than your name, email and high school.  This is the place to show us that you really are interested in engineering or orthopaedics and there is a real reason for that… all the interesting experiences you’ve had that make you, YOU!  Go ahead, tell us about you.  We’re interested!

Do I need to give you my GPA?

No.  We do not ask for your GPA or a transcript.  We would like to hear about YOU as a person and feel that a GPA is a number that does not necessarily reflect your deepest desires and aspirations.  We also seek to inspire girls to go into the fields of engineering or orthopaedic surgery.  We hope that by the end of the day, you will understand the work that is necessary to succeed in these fields (including, but not limited to, a strong GPA).

How many students do you accept?

A full Perry Outreach Program runs at 36 participants.  We will accept 36 students and maintain a waitlist of 5-10 students.  If one of the original 36 selected is suddenly unable to attend, a girl from the waitlist will be contacted and accepted in her place.  Anyone who is not immediately accepted or accepted in off the waitlist will be encouraged to apply again the following year.  Repeat applicants do receive admissions priority as this shows commitment to the program.

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