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Check out our daily news here.  These items will make it into the newsletter if received the Friday prior to the event, but we sometimes receive last-minute news items, so please check here often.


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The PTSA Newsletter is distributed via e-mail and is created by the PTSA to enhance communication among the SEM community. Each week, we bring you news about SEM, SEM students, upcoming events and other information of interest to the SEM community.

We invite you to contribute to the newsletter. If you learn of news of possible interest to the SEM community, please share it with us. Send your contributions to cathy@compuguru.com.  When possible, please include websites and event contact information so our readers know where to go to learn more.

Submissions received by Friday should make it into the weekend's newsletter.

If you create an account on this website, you will be included in the newsletter list.  We are switching to use the newsletter tool that is included in our new website software. Soon, our previous list (where we used Vertical Response) will no longer be used.  In the meanwhile, you will receive the newsletter twice if you are on both lists.... we apologize for the doubling up.