What is... Title 1?

Title 1Title 1 is the the nation's largest federally funded education program. The program provides more than $14 billion annually to school districts to assist low-achieving students in high-poverty schools. Title 1 has three primary objectives: to improve student achievement, to improve staff development and to improve parental and community involvement.

Schools and districts have several options for using Title 1 funds:

  • additional instructional programs, which may be in class or outside of class
  • extended day or year services, pre-kindergarten, summer programs, online learning, take-home resources and tutoring
  • supporting programs such as professional development, parent involvement, materials and supplies, and technology

Involving parents and families as full partners in the education of their children is an important part of Title 1. Schools receiving Title 1 funds are required to involve parents in the planning, implementation and review of Title 1 programs.